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  • That's odd, because then three of your Nidoran's IVs should be 31 even if the seed didn't already have 31s. There are only 2 IVs that are 30-31 on that caught Nidoran female. Are you 100% sure on their IVs? If aren't certain, you can take them out of the daycare and go to the IV judge then turn off without saving.
    Can you type out your seed? I want to take a look at it in RNG Reporter, but I can't see the seed in your picture.
    Seen your question in SQ/SR on Dragonspiral Tower, but it didn't seeem anybody responded.

    Outside of what you can find on this site in the WiFi section (read the stickies in the WiFi thread), there are a few Nintendo events, and WiFi where the move Sky Drop has been banned.

    I know the move isn't overly competittive, and I don't think I would suggest using it, but due to an in-game glitch, it is a banned move on WiFi for Nintendo events.

    To the best of my knowlege, Sky Drop is not banned here on Smogon.
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