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  • Yeah, I did that too, caught up on missed event pokemon. I wasn't careful and didn't check for Wondercard events last year. I missed a few. Good luck with the thread. :-)
    Hi. Welcome back. I showed up recently to get the details on RNG of the latest Pokemon version. :-) Nice to see you here.
    Haha it's completely fine and totally understandable bro. Things happen that are out of our control so its quite alright :)
    You still can :P, here's my new trade list (there are a couple more pokes on page 2), and my old trade thread if you want stuff from that.

    I'm not going to be back home until Sunday because I'm going to my grandparents house to get my car back :D. So I can trade/email the pokemon or pokemon on a save file to you anytime after Sunday.
    I don't have a thread anymore, I have a list instead. To many people are trading other peoples pokemon these days. I don't play pokemon that often anymore so I didn't bother updating my old thread hahaha :P.
    I've been playing ps3, xbox 360 and pc games instead.
    Hey Musicmeister. Hope everything is going great on your end bro. Haven't seen you on IRC in some months so I hope everything is okay :]. See ya around :p
    Oops. Sorry. I accidently removed you from my friendlist. Sorry. :(

    Can you re-add me to your friendlist again?
    Thanks, you too!
    Ah, you might want to check out some new tools for 3rd gen rnging, like... vba rerecording allows the usage of lua scripts, there's a script that allows you to look at the ivs of the encountered poke right away!

    EDIT: I'm also planning on catching something in Kanto's safari zone on FR, so far without success because the method jumps from 2 to 4 :/
    Oh hi music! I'm fine, thanks, glad to see you again :D
    I've learned xdrng these days and I'm playing that just a bit, rng'd teddi of course, now I've just seen that amazing quilava on DMP so I guess I'll try to rng my id/sid combo on colo :Q

    We still have a pending trade too if I'm not mistaken :p
    Ok, so I can use them, but I can't make the background transparent? That's fine, thank you! :)
    Hi! I just have like 2 quick questions I'd like to ask you if you don't mind :)

    1.) May I use your amazing Pokeball artwork in my thread? I'll definitely give you credit!

    2.) If so, would you give me permission to make the background transparent on all of them (Idk why, the white just bugs me for some reason xD)? If not, that's ok!
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