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  • Hi! I stumbled upon an old trade thread of yours a few days ago and I was wondering if you were still offering your WISHMKR Body Slam Jirachi? I've been looking for one for ages! Thanks :)
    I kinda lost my ability to EV Train.

    I don't have the wings for EV Training and don't have any other method yet.

    I'll see about getting my RNG Reporter working(if it doesn't I'll change computers) and get started on them.

    I assume you want them UT.
    Also I have a New RNG if you would be interested as part of the payment.

    31/23/31/30/30/30 (Flying 70) Event Zoaroark
    LoL does work when I use my university's internet but it lags. (The champions appear to be idle while fighting even though the fps is always 30+, still playable though). But anyway, when do you usually play?
    I asked for your XD Dragonite and Togepi a while ago correct? I'm sorry to say that I don't need them anymore. :/
    In response to your question in my thread, its just that it's annoying seeing them everywhere, and besides, if I really need one of his pokemon, I can just get it free on pokecheck.
    Ok, I am online right now but I think I am going to start a tutorial game before anything else.
    Ok so enjoy the Pokemon. You can have redis on everything bar the heatrans since they are still very valuable to me. :D But anyway, I downloaded LoL and made my username "flash6342" I havent played yet but I will start later tonight.
    I realized I forgot to put the Axew in this game yet so give me a few mins.
    Oh ok. But anyway, add this fc first for the 4th gen heatrans. 2666 4758 1065
    No thanks then. If you want more than what is worth get some fully redis from somewhere else
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