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  • In that case, the speed ones should be gone (I had 26, another berry would confirm that) and the sp atk would need no more than 6.

    Sorry about that, safe to say I'm a bit annoyed. I'll be on to trade in a few moments.
    So I used all my berries (40 plus, at least 20 of each) and didnt get a message saying the stat couldn't go any lower. I'll be honest, I thought I read that it only takes 11 berries but I thought 20 plus would do the trick. Do you want him back now or do you want me to give him back in a couple of days? I can create more berries easily enough but it would take 2-3 days.
    Lol, yeah I have that problem occasionally too. I have more than 20 of each berry so doing this shouldn't be a problem
    That won't be a problem. My FC is 0519 0378 5394 and I'll be able to trade in a couple of minutes?
    Yeah that won't be a problem. I know I have at least 20 now. I'll find my FC and get back to you later so we can arrange to trade.
    On second thought, I can actually trade now. Would it be ok if I just shift them over when I'm done and trade back on 5th Gen?
    If you could shift what you'll need trained it would be easier, but I'd probably be able to trade on 4th Gen within an hour or two.
    Sure thing! Just hit me back with your FC and Gen you plan to trade on. PM me the spreads you want.
    I can help with 5th gen ev removal and pp maxes, I have loads of berries and a few pp maxes.
    I'll be free most of this week, if it helps I'm GMT-8 (CA).

    What Gen do you need me to EV? Note that I can't remove EVs in 5th Gen.
    Yup, just post what you'll need. If it's easier you could perhaps upload what you'll want trained on Pokecheck and I could take care of the rest. If not, a regular trade is fine.
    Hey, if you get on wi-fi now, I can get you that Garchomp. Otherwise, I probably won't be logging back on Smogon until Nationals since I'm kind of busy, and I probably won't be on IRC either. Also, did you want the Gible or the Garchomp?
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