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  • Do you even know English you dumb fuck? You thought I DC'd but had no proof only your friend. I told you that I was in a hurry and had to go and i couldn't tell him because he DC'd from chat. Now fuck the fuck off because you are obviously retarded.
    8===========Dthe penis of allah wil penetrate your and spred the Seed of Love into your supple butt
    f u say 1 more thing about allah i will makesure that hellfire will rain down and kill ur fucking cat u ass hole
    fuck off (BAN ME PLEASE),,ALLAH HU AKHBAR i have convert to ISLAM,masterful GLORY of all RELGION! and ALLAH will RAIN down hellfire from the HEAVENS to crush your PUNEY MORTAL SOUL,so watch what u say about me asswipe because allah will fuck ur sht
    no worries my name is alex :) nice to meet you i dont know my phone number but if you have skype pm me your username and ill add you :) also my.wifi number is 3053 5474 0786
    hey sorry about yesterday i was really ill but i can battle after 8pm so if your online lets battle :)
    I'm on everyday from 5 to 6 pacific time zone. How does and OU battle Sound?
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