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    tier list no one asked for Ranking every Pokemon based on how easily a person could beat them in a fight

    Meowth and Persian should be in the "I wanna pet you" tier edit: same goes for Vulpix, Ninetales, and Jolteon. they're all cuties
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    legends: arceus starter choice

    osha ftw
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    Prompts 4 Fakemon

    Crocross Bug/Flying Stat HP: 80 Atk: 150 Def: 65 SpAtk: 50 SpDef: 70 Speed: 130 Quagtress Water/Steel Stat HP: 90 Atk: 80 Def:200 Spatk: 10 SpDef: 100 Speed: 10 Edit: I hope the second Fakemon exists so stall would rise
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    Gen 7 RMT Gen 7 OU Victini

    changes I would recommend Greninja: Surf/Hydro Pump over Scald. Scald's main purpose to be used is the 30% burn chance. With Greninja obviously not being an offensive Pokemon, Surf or Hydro Pump is better due to their better BP. Greninja needs to get a lot of reliable damage and not scald burns...
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    What's the randomiest set / strategy your opponent has ever used?

    Firium Z GDarm on Natdex AG. Love it.
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    Happy 46th birthday to GamemasterAnthony

    ew so many non-gamers here, log out of smogon immediately happy birthday GamemasterAnthony!
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    Gen 1 From the Other Side - GyaraJolt [RBY OU]

    i know i shouldn't be posting one-liners, but i probably will use your sample team and try rby ou
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    National Dex [AG] Pet Shop (peak 1605 ELO)

    thanks, might try team later
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    becomeing gamer for gameing!!1111!!!!
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    Pokemon But Drawn in 37 Seconds Through My Memory

    maybe quagsire
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    What will you do if Gen 4 remakes are / aren't announced?

    fuck DPP, we go HGSS if we wanna gen 4
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    chad monke or overrated lizard?

    lizzer is for lozzer
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    low ladder player

    low ladder player
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    chad monke or overrated lizard?

    this is why society hates weebs