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  • Heyo! Thanks for reading my Entralink guide, and sorry for this late response to your message! Unfortunately I don't think I stuck around long enough to learn why exactly the starting IV frames sometimes made such a drastic jump to 8. At this point I've been away from RNGing for two years so I'm probably the last person anyone should ask for help, haha. xD; Hopefully you've managed to get it to work since then >w<;;
    Don't have the spread in front of me, but whatever spreads can do flawless for HP Ground 70.

    If you can get non-shiny easier, I'll still take it.
    I'll give you Empoleon for this...

    Nature: Rash (+SpAtk/-SpDef)
    IVs: Flawless for HP Ground 70
    Capture Ball: Luxury Ball
    Most still need shifted to Gen 5.
    Already on my White are a flawless where necessary, Adamant Lucario w/ Crunch and Steadfast ability, and a Modest, shiny, flawless for HP Electric 70 Empoleon w/ Agility.

    Also, non-rng bred Relaxed 31/31/31/31/31/1 Spiritomb, and non-rng Modest (female) 31/28/31/31/28/3 Poliwag w/ Swift Swim (bred last night).

    Typing from my Wii, sorry for slow responces.
    Unfortunately, I only have access to the net on my Wii, so I can't use the RNG reporter anymore. Your choices are limied to what I already have.

    References include Expert Evan, religiousjedi, Riski (taught me RNG), and Diabolico. There are others, but I'm not sure if they are still active (Shawk, MattJ).
    I don't have a shop here anymore, but I do have some of my own RNG bred and captured Pokes. I only learned how to RNG breed in Platinum.

    Would you do any CPs for me? I can give references to my former breeds and captures in Platinum.
    neb ill just VM you when i pokeshift numel and carnivine and hitmonlee with sucker punch :) thank you neb
    A flawless Quiet Tyranitar, first of all. The others I'm working through through trades, but might need. This guy's just hard to find. I'll take any stage of evolution.
    Thanks to you too. And yeah, I'm not even working on my thread anymore yet because it took me about five hours to just get that stuff (in my thread now) done
    Okay, the IV's are 30-31/30-31/30-31/30-31/30-31/31 :P It's only level 50 in the Battle Subway so I can't get the exact IV's, but it's nearly-flawless at worst. I'll go in Wi-Fi in a bit
    Well, the first thing that I found that is Japanese, RNG'ed and DW is a Magic Bounce Naive shiny Natu lol

    Although, I have a non-UT level 6 one (but I do have a level 1 UT one) that I think I already EV'ed, so I'm probably gonna level that one up a bit so I can check the IV's if you want it
    Well, I've been looking to get another Vullaby to train since I traded away my first one before I could clone, but I'd like to actually give something for it instead of taking it for free.
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