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  • Hey just wanted to say Welcome to the "Hell Razors" if you need any help at all just post on the group page or private message me
    I can trade now, before I attempt to RNG. :3 If you are free. I really appreciate this, I was desperately wanting a shiny Magic Bounce Espeon. :3
    Is that a shiny DW Eevee? :O I would love a copy of that. >:3 Thank you so much for the offer!
    I've been considering looking for a trade partner for a trade thread myself, I learned Wild RNG, and I have at least one Pokemon worth trading.
    Thank you. :3 I wish it had Head Smash, but when I learn Egg RNG, I can make my own. :3 Tell me when you can trade.
    Sounds good.

    I should give you a DW Feebas so you can do a Female Cute Charm Milotic up... an OU-quality CuteCharm-user will take advantage of everyone who doesn't take gender seriously. :)

    What are you planning to do for the Tangela? I've seen Modest HP Fire and Ice...but Calm seems like it might be good too?
    Not a problem!

    By the way... is there any chance you could make a female version of that Gligar? Females are functionally better than males... charm effects/etc. :)
    Wow! That's awesome! that's a great shiny spread TOO! :)

    Let me know when you're free to trade... and if you'd be interested in any more DW females (see the first post of my trade thread if you are...)!
    Take your time! No rush!
    Correction: *Harvest on Exeggcutor*

    If you'd like a flawless Extreme Speed Dragonite later, let me know. I'm sure I a male one somewhere. :)

    Oh - what are the redistribution rights on the cotonee. I understand if it's non-redis; just curious!
    Storm Drain on Cradily - which got a great boost in G5.
    Exeggutor on Eggsy - which is actually disappointing, BUT I hear there are some neat tricks you can do w/ it.
    Prankster on Murkrow is stupid good (although if the evolite set is really so good, you'd think we'd see some more cottonee evolite sets out there...).
    Honchkrow gets moxie. Which is sick on a physical set.
    I'm giving you Eggecute, Murkrow, Lileep to breed with. Oddly Murkrow is supposed to have an Evolite set (for those not wanting to run chansey) which is worth trying out, and then I'm sure there's some use for DW Honchrow. The other 2 are supposed to have mildly good DW abilities and no one's done up a flawless one I've seen yet!

    Also, DW Dratini (which you said you have) w/ egg move Extreme Speed is supposed to be real good, and I haven't seen a flawless one yet.
    By the way, DW Dratini w/ egg move Extreme Speed is something that's slowly making it's way out there, but I haven't seen any w/ flawless stats that are readily available. Since you already have Dratini, I'd suggest working on that. And if it turns out to be shiny, you will be HOUNDED for trades for it!
    I'll clone, say, 3 DW guys, and bring the gligar (so 4 trades total) and meet you online in like 5 minutes.
    What's your FC?
    Use my white FC:
    White FC: 1334 7033 2830 (G5 Trading FC)

    Can you trade now?

    Tell me which DW guys you want to breed, and I'll clone them and then meet you online!

    And don't worry about shiny. Shiny is EXCELLENT; but having a flawless non-shiny DW guy is still tier 1, and will get you lots of business on Smogon (just make sure to put them w/ the G5 guys.)
    Hey, this is worthy of a trade thread by itself:

    I'd be happy to trade with you (and super happy to give you some DW guys on credit if you'd like to breed with them).

    I'm in the middle of a trade right now, but I can trade with you after that if you'd like. Let me know!
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