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  • whoops, totally forgot that i left you waiting. sorry about that, ive just had a crazy week trying to get back on track after my really long vacation. let me know when you're on for the weekend and we can chat on irc.
    yeah, im signing up for world cup, but im not sure if im getting in because im been in kind of a slump right now. i wont be able to get on shoddy or irc for a week because im out of town and can only get on for like 5 minutes at a time at a hotel computer. also, dont worry about helping me with my team if you find it hopeless because im just trying to find something that works, so its just back to the drawing board for me =(
    while i find it hilarious that your improvements have made a near copy of my team, i find it odd that you dont need heatran, as thats my best answer to jirachi and rotom among other things. if you want to discuss teams and stuff then IRC is probably the best idea. let me know when you can get on and we can figure things out.
    yo dude, been a while since i heard from you. im working on a new team right now, so testing it would be appreciated. also, im not surprised at all that latias is uber and salamence is being tested, since mixmence is insanely powerful. i never really liked salamence to begin with, but its going to make stall teams more popular without mence to stop them. just my thoughts
    SDS beat me in the 2nd round. Hopefully we'll play tomorrow. But, its like 5 a.m. my time on monday. Which means I might not make it.

    Wanna battle in uu.

    sorry dude, my opponent caught me off guard with a certain poke, and it was all downhill from there. I will probably enter tomorrow and try to do better.
    Just saw your RMT, and I definitely can see that you liked the synergy of the team. Hope my comments help you with your team, and feel free to give comments on mine.
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