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  • Yeah, I'll try to be on Shoddy during the night before I go to bed every night. I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it every single night, though.
    I've got a large portion of my life devoted to school at the moment, I can't be on Shoddy as much as I wish I could be. x_x
    Oh thanks for answering and I'm planning on making a new OU, UU, and NU team because my new OU team is not doing well.
    Lol, I completely forgot to log on Shoddy tonight. I've been busy breeding Snovers like crazy on my SS.

    I'll definitely be on Sunday so I can tweak my team a bit and such. Sorry if it seemed like I was avoiding you or something, lol
    Competitive battling is rather about prediction, if you predict right, you're most likely gonna win the game. Luck plays a role too, then comes the skill. ;3
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