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  • Always supportin u sir.. I have even had a pokey nicknamed nojnp on PO ever since i retired :)

    I suppose i could make a team or 2 and see how much i suck now xD
    Do u mind making a few pokeys for me?
    I have hknestly been thinking about getting back into it but i have 1 huge problem. When i quit it a year ago i restarted my white version on purpose with all my pokeys to stop me battling.... It shouldnt take me too long to get pokeys from gen 4 and below as i still have my plat but gen 5 is a pain :/

    Glad u enjoy doing the vids, i think ive watched everyone uve done since u started :3
    Dont know if u will ever see this but how on earth are you doing dude?

    Thought i would pop on here just to see if i could find a few people i know :)

    Its nice to see your still battling stong too, watching ur battles almost make me want to play again..especially as i have the time now
    sure, could you link my channel if you do? yeah I run scarf kojondo with High jump kick, u-turn, stone edge, and hp for gliscor switch ins
    gg I made a bad play in going for hp ice should have u-turned. I went for power whip predicting taunt or reuniclus switch
    Nintendo Worlds is down, so I was hoping you'd be online here.

    My FC is 0561 6097 4110.

    I'll battle you after I'm done with aoki.
    GG :) Completely forgot about Gliscor which i couldnt touch so thats why i dragged it out with Alomomola. If i knew i woulda ran XD
    yeah, me too. I know kwando and shofu (not personally) and that, especially shofu, is impresive. I beileve it though. I defeinatley want a rematch sometime :)
    Imo crit didn't matter. believe what you want as I don't record all my games to prove it, but it wasn't a crit that knocked me out. I can't PROVE it but I didn't
    damn it DCd. I swear I didn't. I went for t-bolt hoping for a crit or a para. I think you would have won anyways. you are probably one of the best players I've faced that wasn't a highly known youtuber.
    it didnt even show spore on my screen just stayed at communicating..

    il meet you back online
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