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  • I have a Slakoth/Slaking, Unown, Terrakion and Giratina I could trade you dex entries of :)
    That would be fantastic! I can probably get the Slakoth/King/Unown but the Terrakion and Giratina would be a big help! When could you do it?
    Pretty much any time; my FC is 0103-9977-0911 - added yours =3
    Good afternoon.

    I was on the hunt for someone who could pop open a mawile egg I have and the google database led me to you. If you have the time and are willing to help me out I'd really appreciate it.

    Matt 3153 4292 4401 SV:383 (Grumpig, Sigilyph, Girafarig)

    Hope to hear from you soon :)
    Hi there. :) Jon here.
    Let’s hatch Pokemon egg SV 3665 , since it matches your trainer shiny value.
    My FC is 4957-2901-5642/ TSV: 1677/ IGN: Anthony
    You may also message me on facebook:
    Thank you. :)
    Hey can u hatch my egg? ill reward you with a 5iv poke. My FC is 3110-4943-9744 ign is Chozen. I already added you with your info
    Nice! I dont require payment but ill gladly accept- could please PM me(it alerts me through email) your details and what 5 IV mon(s) you may be offering? I can sometimes hatch before work (1 hour before this comment is posted) but usually after work (about 11 hours from this post).
    Hi can you hatch an egg for me please ? i can give you a 5iv pokemon for reward thx for answer me.
    my 3ds code: 3995-7277-7073 ig name is Kise Ryota
    see you.
    Hey! Can you hatch an egg for me please? my FC is is 2122 6726 3005 ^^
    Not a problem, I will be available in about 2 hours from my post now to do it. I will add you and message you then.
    You have a cool profile pic what is that?!
    I believe its one of Smogons CAP projects. They have a create a Pokemon section here in the forums and they make Pokemon(Design, Stats, Moveset) and put them in their online simulator. I didnt choose the icon it was just randomly given to me since I didnt have one.
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