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  • lol just realized ur ct + lifting thread posts and whatnot mean u live in accordance with our Lord and Savior zyzz

    im mirin
    Yo bro how long you been lifting for if you dont mind me asking?
    Oh I see bro, you look real good anyways man ;) Hope you do stick around to motivate us all bro and dont disappear again xd
    Yeah I'll be posting updates every now and then
    He is back! Your foot is a bit of an optical illusion in that photo, is it on the floor or what??
    wtf man you just disappear from the smogon fitness scene, you don't call, you don't write smfh
    I have to wait for this current avatar bet to expire. 3 days until hell.
    got some bad news man. I made an avatar bet with Rey on the CL final, he bets german winners. Not looking good D: So if I lose I have to have Man U avatar for a month, should this be the case I need you to forgive me. I still believe in Real, keep me in your prayers

    Cheers brah. In the first edition of that comic strip, the guy becomes that way from taking creative monohydrate hahaha I couldn't stop laughing
    "you acted like an absolute dickhead in the fitness thread". You know that can be said about you as well. You acted like an absolute dickhead. in fact just take a look at your last vm to me, "a forum mods have to be witty/funny or intelligent, which you aren't". its like you are always slinging insults in one way or another. What you said didnt bother me, but its something to point to.

    No offense nos, but you sometimes just come across as an asshole/bitter angry person.

    anyways, what bothered me after your post in rodans thread was the thought that you might still be mad about that whole thing, but you have made it clear that you are not so that's good. Nothing like one party in a heated debate being left in anger. i rarely get into arguments, but even i know that it never leads to anything good.
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