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  • No problem :) there has to be someone else as well since Flora doesn't have the thread up yet.
    I see your condition and that's sad to hear. Want me to subref for that match? It'll be good to lessen the burden on you.
    S'up, bro? Sorry if this is harassment, but could I possibly pester you to ref for me and Pwnemon? I think this ought to be about your last ref post for us.
    Quickly, I want you to edit your post and specify ON TOP OF or TOUCHING the chargestones before wyverii refs and you can't change it-- this is vital to specify. also, the stomping with the sparks thing doesn't really make a lot of physical sense to me; you should Stomp to aggravate the spiders, sure, but I don't see how that's gonna damage Privatyke. You gotta play super defensive to take one of them down before they get you, man.. And don't forget that Charmander can't do the chargestone thing like Rhyhorn ccan, so we basically NEED to take down privatyke with rhyhorn here.

    Honestly I think you pretty much NEED to counter all his waterfalls so he dies as quick or quicker then you... Don't let me down here, man! QUICKLY GOGOGO
    Hey, I'm confused as to what you mean in your most recent post in your battle with Huntofthelion. Would you mind editing it to be more clear? Like, if Hunt doesn't use any moves for you to Counter do you want Unicron to do nothing? Or do you just want to do Counter - Earthquake - Counter.

    Counter has negative priority, btw.
    Hello. I just wanted to remind you that you're reffing my fight with Charmander, and we're ready for said duties. I wasn't sure if you were aware that we were waiting on you, since it's been some time since his last post. Much obliged if you could get to it when possible~
    Hey man, do you have a sec to perform the reffing duties for the me VS Charmander match? If not, don't worry about it, just get to it when you have time.
    Ach. Charmander went offline. Well... in the meantime, would it be possible to expand on the environmental conditions of the cornfield arena? I can maybe ad-lib something for you to put in there if you like.

    EDIT: I see you're offline as well at the time of posting... LOLfail. Well, we'll get it going tomorrow, eh.
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