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  • The 2 PID frame advancement every 20 steps is a shaking patch check. My guess is that once the shaking patch occurs the game stops checking. That's only a guess though. ToastPlusOne or Kaphotics would know more about that.

    Anyways, glad I could help. :)
    He has Lv63 Yanma, Ledyba & Ninjask and he's turning in place right before you get to the shrine.
    I didn't actually fight him. I think he's a trainer though. He certainly acted like one. I'd check for sure, but I just close the emu.
    I checked it out and there is an NPC there. If you beat him, save, then do your advancements, you might be able to pull it off.
    OK, so it's your SS FC right? Mine is SS too, I'll meet you online. It's OK, btw.
    OK, I'm ready. By the way, smogon servers are really slowing down the loading page.. so I can't remember OR check which Pokemon I asked for, or what Pokemon you asked for, either. Can you please check? I don't want to go through smogon and then get a page error, because the Smog servers are really slow today. :\
    Uh, give me 10 minutes.. my brother's about to go to bed and he's playing my DS. His bedtime is at 11pm, so that's give me time to fix up the room and stuff, then I'll contact you again to trade.. k?
    I won't be able to trade right now because I'm in the middle of RNGing a wild Pokemon. If I'm done early tonight, and if you're still on then we can trade. If not, then we can trade tomorrow if you're available.
    Sorry, I've been busy with other stuff, and Pokemon Black. Whenever you're available to trade, just VM me so we can setup a trade.
    thats weird,, i just did a trade with someone and i t worked.. ill try re adding your ss
    i am in a trade right now but i should be able to trade in ten minutes is that okay?
    I just realized I forgot to give it a Moon Stone. Do you have one to check the ability for yourself?
    Need 1 more junk, forgot to grab it. Be one sec, sorry for all the delays. Enjoy the Clefairy though :)
    I'm about to migrate it. Sounds good. I'll be in the wifi asap (i'm assuming I'm using your SS fc?)
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