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  • i locked it because it'd been done before and saw no reason to keep another one open
    edit: I actually didn't get that forever lol but now I get it since natu has magic mirror ehehe
    It does seem to me that the one here is of better quality than the other ones. But those were pretty good, too! Thanks for directing me to them.

    Oh, and you can't really be bothering me; if I didn't want to talk to you, I could just ignore you (it's the internet, yay).

    I've written a warstory, too, around the beginning of Platinum, but it wasn't that great (I don't think it's even good enough for me to direct you to it, though if you really wanted to, you could check my threads started). Still, I can appreciate the effort that you put into yours.

    I should ask you for help in battling/teambuilding, haha.
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