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  • IM SORRY MY MY CRAPPY HELP!!! please don't sue me? lol but hoennisnt the best genreation for heal pulse. maybe gen 5?
    Howdy, thought I'd drop by with a VM since this would make a pretty short post. Dream Radar abuse still isn't up and running for RNG Reporter so I still haven't RNGed a Defiant Tornadus yet. Sorry!
    I go by Drix on PO. I'd like to go by Drix here too, but I don't think I'm allowed to have it changed.
    I'm on the serve r a lot under the name BOOM ITS BRI. PM me whenever (:
    I'll still trade with you. You said it would take a while so I waited a few days. Anyways, just let me know when you're ready.
    I'm going to have to head out for a little while. Will you still be here in a hour and half - two hours?
    Yes, I have seen your post. After the VGC events, I've had to do a lot of catching up to do IRL. I'll try to get your stuff sent out when I next have a good chunk of free time!
    Yeah, that's fine. Just remember I'm giving you a legal pokemon for a HACK. Not very many people here will do that.
    Sorry about the restrictions, bud. It's the best I can do for you right now. I can prepare the Mews for you this week, and we can trade this weekend. Is that fine with you?

    And once again, I'll be able to do more for you once I get poketransfer on Black. Heck, I can even do stuff for free. I don't really want anything besides the Slowpoke.
    If you can't get the moves for the chanseys then forget it. Unfortunately, they're completely useless to me without those moves. With the mews, it's unfortunate but I can still use them even without those moves.
    Flawless Timid and Bold Mew I can do, no problem. I can do the Chanseys too, but like the Mews, they would be lacking the movesets you want.

    I can send you a VM once I get poketransfer on Black, and and at that point I'll be ble to get you the movesets you want, too.
    I guess mew is just out of the question with those moves right now. For now, I'll take a flawless timid and bold mew without any special moves and the chanseys. However, if you ever are able to teach it the moves below, I may contact you again for help.
    Well, I have a good one for Platinum, but the problem is I don't have one for Black, and I can't use poketransfer right now to transfer pokemon from Platinum to Black. So, it seems to me that we have a few options:

    1. You could wait until I get the national dex in Black, which shouldn't take TOO long if I use my AR too speed things up, but it will probably take until next week for us to do the trade if we use this method. On the bright side though, this will allow me to provide you with everything you want, including the Chanseys.
    2. I can get you the Mews, shiny, caught in Dive Ball, with the natures and EV's you want, only lacking the movesets.
    3. If you have ANY way of making the trades on a 4th gen game, that would make things much easier, as I can make the pokemon and trade them to you lickety-split.

    Or, I could try to find a move modifier code for Black, but I've had little success so far.
    Although, if the moveset is something that Mew can learn without TM's or a move tutor, it's perfectly viable.
    I can do different natures, and I can do EV training, but movesets may be difficult as I currently lack a good all TM's code or a move modifier code, and my actual collection of TM's in the game is... lacking. Can you settle for just having different natures and EV training?
    Are you able to do more than one nature for the mew?? I'd like mew with several different natures, and depending on the nature I'd like it to have a different moveset. Also, can you EV train the mews??
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