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  • hello would you please hatch an absol for me i have an egg with 1278 shiny value my fc is 5026-5163-1154 ign is mika my trainer is 2625 if you have an egg needing to be hatched and ive added your fc thank you!!
    Hello, I was hoping you could hatch an egg for me. My FC is 0189-9301-0447. I don;t really have anything to offer you as a tip, but if there's something you'd like I could try and get it for you. Thanks in advance =)
    Hi, I need help with a klefki egg, PM me when you're ready (I could give you 4 IVs pokemons with HA)
    No problem :3

    And I no longer have that save file anymore, and I haven't advanced far enough in my current save to get Golbat or Crobat, but when I do get that far, I can certainly catch you one. Alternately, I can catch one on my Black if i can find it.
    Oh I see :p

    I don't mind at all! I'll gladly hold on to it for you. :>
    I'm sorry, I've been super busy! I'll prolly be able to trade later today.
    Okay, I'm online and I can prolly trade soon if you'd like. But I will tell you I evolved it to Gyarados (since I only RNGed it for breeding in 5th gen)
    Would you like to trade on 4th gen or 5th gen? I can trade later today :D
    sorry for being late lol
    I have to hunt it down real quick. I may have already evolved it
    Yup the Shiny one still has HP Flying since I used the non-shiny one to ID abuse my game for the Shiny one :P

    I can trade in the next 30 minutes if your up for that.
    Hey I can give you the Thundurus, but it seems I can't find that non-shiny Modest HP Flying Thundurus anywhere in my Black. Would you be fine with shiny?
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