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  • Even though you do not care that its an event, you should care. Reason being is that the Togekiss you are talking about is the Birthday Togekiss event, with the Dream World Ability Super Luck, and as such is unable to learn the specified moves that you require it to know.

    I dont do that stupid ass non-redis shit so dont worry about that.

    I drool over the palkia and giratina, but I wont accept something with redis rights, and it soesnt sound like you wanted anything else in the shop anyhow. Not to mention, I would need you to not be lazy and give me a lay out of the IV spread an EV's if it has them.
    I don't know how to tutor it,anyway i'm still on the 4th badge
    can you ask to someone else?
    Lol? Was troll face necessary? Sure.

    Actually you were agreeing with me in the post, you just used a bad example. I mostly agree with that idea, actually. But when I read that, I found it quite humorous, probably for the fact that I had been part of that whole spiel (considering I played in tournaments for 5 years). I read your comment and overall agreed, but even though the idea is the same, the entirety of the situation was not.
    "It reminds me of all the people who absolutely hated Super Smash Bros. Brawl compared to Melee because it introduced an air game. Yeah, basically it wasn't EXACTLY THE SAME as Melee + new characters, so all the old "pros" didn't move on."

    ... Except not... Brawl took out the competitiveness of the game and was dumbed down infinitely. I was in the top 20 in the state of Michigan in 2004-2005, so I guess I am one of those "old pros" you mention. Brawl took out all of the ground game and introduced "bad luck" with tripping, and it took out 90% of of the tactics that melee had and became more of a "whos going to fuck up first" game. Air game wasn't a flaw to be looked down upon.

    Also, I would like to point out that Japan HATED melee because we made it too competitive, and when the new creators decided to make Brawl, they made it a point to "dumb it down."
    This happens to me with I'd say 1 out of every 4 people -_- but yeah, its free so its not that bad as a paid service.
    2107 8688 6127 Had to look for it cause I don't know it xD Funny, I remember I did learn my diamond one back in the day, but here in smogon I only need it in my sig and BAM, forget about it
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