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  1. Metagame SS Ubers Stage 2 Voting ID Thread

    u4e alpha alpha
  2. Tournament Ubers Premier League VIII - Player Signups (Closed)

    Name: PElI Metagames Played: bw / oras / usm / dpp / adv Inactivity: fine
  3. SS Random Battle Suspect Process - Dynamax

    As someone who has extensive experience in both gen 7 and gen 8 random battles: I have flipped back and forth on Dynamax, while Random Battles is a casual tier for most, anyone that has seen the top top of the ladder can tell you that its much less of a casual thing once you really get into...
  4. OMPL VIII - Commencement Thread

  5. Tournament NUPL VIII: Player Sign-ups

    Player Name: PELI Tiers Played: bw / oras / adv Timezone: west coast Availability: quarentine
  6. Tournament Most Wanted - Player Signups [Closed]

    Name: pEli Registered Tiers (Pick Exactly Three): BW / USM / SS Tournament Avatar (Use image from here, or use your PS custom):
  7. Tournament NUPL VII - Week 7

    won versus my friend chill shadow, gg.
  8. Resource USM Sample Teams [Submissions closed]

    at least pretend to be consistent, rasangens team is also bad without any ground resists
  9. Resource UPL VII Dump

    I truly believe this is one of the best bw2 ubers teams out there. There isn't a single matchup bar perish song / turbo blaze roar that this team cannot beat if played correctly. When prepping for edgar I wanted to use some rain heavy team with a lot of hitters, but after testing and looking...
  10. Metagame USM Ubers Metagame & Sets Discussion (Check Post #107)

    Scolipede @ Focus Sash Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 100 HP / 252 Def / 156 Spe Jolly Nature - Toxic Spikes - Toxic - Earthquake - Snatch this is something paycard and i cooked up week one for a scoli team. the initial idea was to try to get scoli to live a non boosted spectral thief + sneak but...
  11. Tournament Ubers Premier League VII - Week 5

    glad i asked
  12. Tournament Ubers Premier League VII - Week 5
  13. Tournament NUPL VII - Week 2 won v slide in a game where we both brough natu, gg
  14. Tournament Ubers Premier League VII - Week 5

    USM: (x) vs. Goat Heart ♥- People clearly don't know how to prep or play against stall, so Goat Heart ♥ will continue to farm his effortless wins for at least (how ever many weeks are left in upl) more week(s), until people realise that he's sticking to the same style for all of his games and...
  15. Tournament Ubers Premier League VII - Week 5

    Since our resident prediction user dream has a very busy week, I took it upon myself to make some (a) prediction(s), dream style. USM: (literally anyone) vs. Goat Heart ♥ - Even though I'm repeating myself for a (enter week #) week in a row, I feel like Goat Heart ♥ is a one trick pony and...