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  • its still 8 am on a weekday >.> please find a way to come on later than 3 pm, well around your 8/9 pm would be a good time.
    3:00 am or pm? your time or my time? because if it is your time then i wont be here since its a wednesday and that would mean 8 am for me >.>
    Hey man, we're opponents for the UU mini tournament. I'm GMT +0, and I'll prolly be free at the weekend, or after 4 PM GMT time on weekdays.
    oh youre toronto time, ok. im lisbon time. when do you wanna play?
    To answer both questions:

    Core Crisis is on a lengthy hiatus for now as things get worked out with the RU forum.

    PotW is definitely still going, but it's on a brief hiatus as this round ends up. Looking forward to getting it kicking again as soon as I can, though~

    On a similar note, CCaT is still on as well; we just need more submissions to discuss v.v
    it will likely have to wait until the ccat and dark horse project are finished, but you'll definitely see it again
    Thanks, Phazon00, for your participation in Rain Project! I finally had a chance to give feedback on your Omastar, so have a look!
    yeah definitely man, i just want to wait until we get more stable usage stats and a more stable ladder to restart it. glad to see you liked it though, there's something called the dark horse project that's right up your alley that'll be coming up soon :)
    we gotta battle for #pokemon tour, you better be on this weekend because the deadline is Oct. 1
    sorry i'm late today >_< i'll be tomorrow at the night, i use to be on PS as Saly
    We gotta play for the LC open. I'm EDT, GMT-4. If you're on, want to play now? Otherwise, when can you?
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