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  • I have a Brave 31/31/31/31/31/0 Tyranitar if you want it. EVs are 252 HP/ 252 Att/ 6 SpD. It has PKRS and his moves are as follows: Aqua Tail/ Pursuit/ Low Kick/ Stealth Rock. VM if you would like to have it. ^_^
    Hey pikabuddy, I saw your post, and I noticed that you needed a timid thundurus.... I have a shiny one if you'd like?
    Hey dude, I think you were the guy i faced first round to and lost. My name is jesse, had a krispey kreme hat on and a white tee. Am i correct? If so, I'd really like to know what moveset, ev spread, and nature your zoroark was running. Thanks :D Oh and gg btw. How far did you go ?
    Hey J.D., You want to have my brother and your brother practice together? I think it would be pretty fun. I'd also like to have a few matches against Casey over PO.
    Okay, hopefully I will be on later today. Do you think you could walk me through the process? It's very difficult to understand for me, but I really want a flawless team for the upcoming VGC. Ofcourse, you don't have to completely explain every tidbit of information, I've watched bearsfan's videos 10 or 20 times already. :)
    You can VM me if you want, but let's not have a conversation in the help thread.
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