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  • mymy it's 1am here already. I better get to bed before I get yelled again xD
    see ya :P
    Yah but I think that's exactly what makes these games so fun anyway. not knowing what you'll get until it's right in front of you (after many rages of course lol)
    the very thing happens to me when I SR for pretty much everything. Taje my victini for example, I was aiming for timid, and I even got nice IVs but then I checked the speed and mehhhhhh, barely 5 or 11 at most =.=
    In the end I ended up with a modest one (yah my synchronizer failed) with flawless speed and pretty good IVs overall :P
    On a side note, I take for granted you didn't get anything good from Greevil on pokemon XD, did you?
    Awesome. would you mind teaching me what you know from 3rd gen one of these days? I play on an original DS and got my old gba still working :P
    Besides there are some things I don't get from RNG reporter -.-
    I wish I could RNG on emerald as well but there's a lot I don't quite understand yet. I tried to RNG a chansey once but I missed my target frame... funny thing is it still came out a very good one (flawless HP and Spa and all the other stats above 25 lol :P)
    I believe your suggestion had some sort of personal interest too (checked your thread again lol xP)
    I got busy doing dishes. I'm free to trade now.

    Did you want Tentacool UT at level 10, or trained 252 HP/220 SpAtk/36 HP at level 100?

    (Both versions still have Giga Drain)
    I'm ready right now if u want (remember the pain split please!! :) )! and we can do the trade for Shaymin too! :)
    Cool. I can trade in Gen 4 or 5 to get Bronzor. Just be sure it knows Steath Rock if you trade in Gen 5.
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