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  • Yeah I get it but I don't want people thinking that I'm a girl (gets pretty weird in certain situations >.>). Will prob trade with you again in the future haha :P
    I'm in and Pink Floyd is there as well. I'll see whoever I get to trade with first. I have 2 reshirams with me ^^
    Just hop online tomorrow in the afternoon or evening (GMT+2) and I'll probably be there ^^
    When we fail to connect we just both have to exit the room and re-enter again then it'll work.
    Your morning is my night :P (I'm GMT+2) Can you trade today as I will be online a lot? Check my profile for times ^^
    Uhh... will check that later. Anywayz, I'll be online in half an hour to trade stuff.
    I'm RNGing for an Elgyem. Instead I have caught an Impish 31/20/31/31/31/13 Hidden Power Dragon 63 litwick. Want it?
    I'm not sure about the other IVs. They are not that good. I've got a Modest Flash Fire with HP, Speed. Flame Body Atk, Speed. Flame Body, Def Speed. The good ones are really already given away. I've just learned to RNG though. I'll let you know when I succesfully RNG one ;)
    Well, it has similar fingerings, but the register key is a bit different. On the clarinet, it causes you to go up a 12th, whereas it's just an octave on the sax.

    I've never actually picked up a sax, though, although I probably should have. I did, however, try trumpet, guitar, and violin, but I never picked any of those up seriously.

    You're in jazz band? awesome! what are some of your favorite jazz songs?
    Oh!! lol. No, I don't have it.
    I've played clarinet and piano for 11 years, and flute for 9 years. :)
    That's awesome! Have you memorized any digits of pi, or do you just think it's an awesome number? lol

    Either way, I think we should be friends :P
    Yo! Looks like we share digits in our names. Did you choose 314 because of pi, too, or am I just a total dork?
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