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  • Alright I've used the team and have to say that it works pretty well! ... LAPRAS is the most dangerous threath for my team and failed in 35 and in 41....I'm going to transfer my pokes to my Platinum version and maybe going to use a Zapdos which will hit Lapras and Toxicroak (DrySkin) hard >:)
    Same here with uni work, hardly have time for attempting new strategies these days
    I can't read xD Now my team is finished I just have to start my streak now...hope I get the three digit mark with the first try :) But the streak won't start now because I have to do a lot of school stuff -.-'
    That's what I meant too, meant I wish BW allowed lower levels too :D but let me know how far your streak gets
    Thank you! But I have written that I want to use the team in D/P and not in Pokemon B/W :P
    Think it would do great, wish BW allowed levels lower than 50, I have no experience with level 1 Pokemon so it doing well is just my guess, since base stats won't matter, at level 1 Smeagle would be best though. Spore makes a difference so speed matters, I think that's the biggest difference the level will make. Smeargle's defences I think are bad enough for it to still draw enough attacks at level 50. Good luck though!
    Hey dude I just have a little question.
    What do you think about a team which is build on a lv. 1 Smeargle with a other pokes like Eruption Entei or Specs Blastiose? Do you think that team could have success in the D/P Battle Tower double? All attacks are tradet from HG/SS/Platinum btw
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