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  • Yo, message me with a time you want to do our match for the minitour. I'm available at just about any time today, so we can do it whenever you want.
    i dont know, i just dont have time/im sick of this game so i didnt pay attention to that. if you can give it to someone else it would be better, ill probably leave smogon
    I apologize for disturbing you, but what are the top ten best and worst pokemon in OU (in your personal opinion)?
    I have asked several other people this question to get a better general idea about the metagame.
    Best: Scizor, Keldeo, Politoed, Latios, Jirachi, Tyranitar, Landorus-t, Heatran, Rotom-W, Starmie (no particular order)

    Worst: Metagross, Jolteon, Espeon, Infernape - cant think of much else
    4 more people to participate = Biosci, Eggy, Zach, nixhex
    if the VGCers are busy because of Nats/Worlds you can try Snowflakes and possibly Molk
    also your CT should say "Malamar :D"
    I like it. 4 more people (2 more if Eggy and Reach would play) isn't so bad. Try recruiting some yourself too though!
    hey, id be interested in helping out with discussions about the 3v3 metagame if smogon decides to support the format, i could start a thread or something in the other metagames forum, let me know what you think.
    Cool beans. Definitely get in touch with PK Gaming, because he's a lot more interested in making this real than I am. We would want to ask one of the Sim Mods of PShowdown! to put up a 3 vs 3 ladder with TCPi rules if we want people to really start playing and discuss strategies.
    lol i read the release date today on one of nintendo's videos and the release date was 8/10/2013. stupid convention lol. October 8th it is.
    Hey pocket sorry to bother you but do you have any idea when the suspect voting will take place?
    Hey pocket for some reason my account get fused with my bros so it was under his name and he got all of my post. I wanted to know could you change it back to normal. His account name is dinodino56.
    Hi, Scotti, I am not the person to ask this - you may want to ask Joim instead
    Sorry for my bad argument before. I made a better one here. This should showcase my thoughts :)
    Inside Scoop: where you hear everything first lol. Joking aside, thanks Pocket :)
    i have nothing to say other than that you're misunderstanding the post, i guess it's on me for wording it badly, other than that i have nothing against you as a user, i think that it's a good idea to just stop vming me at this point and let this tide over because you keep failing to see what i'm communicating about your post and interpreting it as a personal attack

    love, honus
    "ik its cool to disagree with pocket" as in i'm disagreeing with that opinion of alumnus being out of touch because of the opinion posted, not the user who posted it

    we wouldn't have had this discussion in the first place if you hadn't misunderstood it and posted to incite something

    thats not a snide remark but i think "Let's be a little more mature, Honus" is, if you want to "move on and respect each others' opinion" or whatever, then you should actually back that up with your actions
    so let me get this straight

    being badged means i can do less shit????

    take my badge then lol if its honestly holding me back from making a point. none of the other mods seem to have a problem with what i post but you do and you're also the only strong anti-ban guy...coincidence? LOL

    just quit while youre behind

    dont bother deleting shrangs posts though because hes on your side

    moderation at its finest
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