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  • I prefer everything decapped! Hooray!
    Give me about half an hour or so and I'll have wifi, If you can't wait that long I'll try and set it up quicker. Also, what do you want from my thread?
    There are a few shinies I like but what seems to bother me it's the sparkles animations @.@ You forgot to mention shiny espeon and ursaring for some reason, or maybe I just don't like the color green >D.

    I do have emerald but I don't think its battery its about to die yet and I don't see myself playing it that much so I don't think it'll happen anytime soon :g
    Didn't die so I guess it was a good day, yay! And sure, what generation it's it on? My fc might changE depending on your answer.
    it's totally fine since I had not started working on it. BTW, haven't talk to you in a while, how's everything?
    Just checked my VMs. I didn't expect a response so fast!

    If you can trade in 2 hours or so, I can be available then, otherwise tomorrow?

    I also accept .pkms files. Dunno if I have anything you might want, but let me know if there is.
    UT as in same when caught if you could. If you can't do that I don't mind it with the moves. Thanks so much!
    lol ya its kinda hard to keep practicing a language you hate speaking :/

    I dunno... its just annoying >.>
    Ok xD Thats cool :) So do you still try to speak da arabeec anymore? :) lol Im taking french in school as well :D I really dont like it tho :/
    Ok lol ok xD

    Ya, during the civil war, people just started building buildings anywhere they could and they continued to do that for a while so it is a really bad layout xD

    lol so true xD Well I mean, did you learn it in your school or did you go to a special school just to learn it? And was it in ohio? :P
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