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  • GG! I know it sucks to lose r1, but I'm glad I got to play you for the first time. You're obviously a good player :)
    Probably tonight. message me. I will be busy for part of it if we don't do it soon though.
    Well, currently I'm in school, so tommorrow being the end of the weekend I'm available part of that day although I'm not sure when I won't be(I, as I mentioned, play baseball and have something that could last a while). Usually after 5 on weekdays I should be available, but that's questionable, as I have quite a few things to do along with vgc prep. I should go ahead and submit my team.
    ah, I was helping with the skarmbliss tourney at 6, sorry D: probs tommorrow then. When will you be available?
    Ah, well that's OK, university is important. I personally would find it much easier to play today, I have something to do tommorrow that should last about 3 hours and I'm not sure when exactly it is. If there isn't a time to play today though I would gladly try to find time tommorrow. What time did you have in mind? Keep in mind that I'm on US Eastern time.
    It has to be alliterative, that goes without saying doesn't it? I think Landorus is a good shout. Our fenland living is threatened by ice..

    I did like the idea of Linoone though. They amuse me greatly.
    What sort of vibe are we going for with it. Cool/Powerful/Epic? Names mean alot, don't want Lincolnshire coming across in the wrong way.
    I'm all for fun, but that's just silly isn't it? Like, lets get realistic about this. Lincolnshire has a buzzing VGC community now though. Might get noticed on the map sometime.
    I know. This is a sad fact. Only another year or so until more mcdonalds madness. Oh VGC, how I miss ye :(
    this time next week everyone will be in paris except for us :'(
    I haven't done much work actually, living in rootes and all. How does 1 pm tomorrow sound? We can meet outside costcutters, get some lunch and go to class mech. The lecture today was a complete mindfuck though D: I'll ask kinneas as well.
    didnt see you, i was wearing a yellow tennis shirt. we should meet up at the su some time, bring kinneas along too :)
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