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  • I WAS ;-;

    I had absolutely no time to do anything because I was working though. I didn't think it'd be so intense. I didn't go on the computer or my phone really at all, except on breaks. And on breaks, I was at the beach :x

    NEEDLESS TO SAY I did have a a great time there, and will definitely be back/be moving there in the future so keep in touch ;D
    Cool, yeah I definitely will. I'm pumped since I've never been to the west coast before :)
    I know it must happen! I'll be in LA (at Loyola Maymount Univ) on July 7th until about Aug 7th or so working at a summer camp (SuperCamp, heard of it eh?). I wish there was VGC around that time too, it'd be perfect!
    I know I'm behind, but there are double analyses now :o

    also, I'll be in Cali in July :oooo
    it's alright. busy with school and work now...don't have much time for anything else, really. been playing smash bros. brawl pretty seriously at like, semi-pro level (lol). considering importing black and white, i kind of miss comp pkmn after having skipped all of 4th gen. how about you?
    Oops, my bad... you were just going to the event, I thought you were an account created for people to discuss the SF event.
    Hey, SFers... I'm haruki_jitsunin, I don't much come to this site, but I already have a team completely bread and raised for the tournament.
    I'm feeling muuuuuuuch better today, so I'll be around all evening if you still need that one poke. However, I'm planning on doing a crap ton of "calibration soft resets" for Fire Red for my Sploding Mewtwo, so I might not get your message right away. Just gimme a text or something if you're pressed for time.
    never seen my icy move miss on both opponent pkm ;_;
    not that was advantaged, but, I would have liked to see my white pkm trying to wall yours a bit longer XD
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