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  • Hey can I pick up the Nape now? I remember transferring your pokes for 1 credit and it's been like 2 months now lol. So are you available to trade right now?
    sorry, you kind of replyed late, i already posted my trade thread, posted rules, still got to edit it and add the pokemon
    Eh, actually let's just cancel our trade because I am starting to doubt we are ever going to find a time to trade
    Set your DS time to one of the date/time combos listed in the Seed to Time dialog box for your target seed, taking off the seconds and however many minutes PikaTimer lists in the "minutes before target" field, which you can ignore as it's zero for this occasion, but you should know that for the future.
    Interested in anything from my comming soon section? I'll do that for me then and trade one for entei ?
    Ah, I see the problem - I think you just mistyped the seed. It's C80302F8, not C8030295.

    Now, make sure you've got all the stuff entered into PikaTimer as I described before, then synch up your DS time, and start trying to hit your seed. Each time you enter the game, look up the Roamers' positions, and tell me what they say, and I'll tell you what to do.

    Good luck.
    In that case, I can't see how you arrived at that target seed. The only shiny Brave spread is on frame 42890. Exactly what did you enter into the time finder to get this seed?
    The bit on the right that says "Minutes Before Target" as I said, with your settings, this should be zero, so just set your time to your target with the seconds taken off.
    Oh and just as a tip for your AR, you can make some codes come up automatically each time you load up the AR (ie, so you don't have to activate them), by selecting all the ones you want, then creating a new code (you can just make it some empty thing - the code itself doesn't matter). After this, the codes selected when making the new code will activate automatically every time you load up the AR with that game. This helps if the first timer is quite short.
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