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  • Well, I do run Aromatherapy on Shaymin, due of the fact the team kinda needs the no-status Support, because I personally don't like the parahax, not to forget about the Chandelure, what works well as a sweeper, but the paralysis takes it down so easily.

    But yeah. The Chandelure was a huge threat to your team, but as long you had the Porygon2 in your backpocket, it wasn't as big of a threat, depending how I'd play around it.
    I'm sorry about the DC, but it wasn't my fault. I really enjoyed the match, as long as it lasted, even though you took down the Shaymin with a crit, I still could've brought in Ambipom or Chandelure to either U-Turn and then threaten the Registeel, or just brought in the Chandelure, so you wouldn't be able to block the possible Fire Blast with the Porygon2, and not to forget the Blastoise, although I don't think it might've played a big role at the endgame. Either way, I think that the game was amazing, and I would've liked to record it, hopefully we can have a rematch on a later date.
    I am just getting into UU myself.
    I am not a great teambuilder, but
    Here is howI build a team. I go tothe usage statistics for the tier. I look thru the most commonly used pokemon and find one or two I want to build a team around. Then I look for pokes that fit the roles I wantto fill.
    You can also just go to the RMT threads (rate my team) and just use one of those teams.
    Feel free to ask people in the group.
    Want to battle OU or little cup?
    Wifi or showdown?
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