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  • I got an email about free tickets for the game this saturday, don't think I've gotten an email about the Clemson game at all.

    I also forgot it was AT Clemson lol
    "What's a female? What type of animal are they?"

    You're going to hate me for this: my marketing research class is 21 guys, 27 girls. My project group is me and six girls. We had to come up with group names, and ours is "The Reverse Ratio."
    There wasn't enough space when I checked during round 2 registration, but I plan on taking it next semester. I'm trying to take it slow this first semester with 15 hours and two "frilly" classes just to get settled in. Are there any particularly interesting classes that come with BME as a major you'd recommend?

    (also 63-21 aw yeah)
    Hahahahaha, that's fantastic. I did that once freshman year. "Wait, why are we getting in this lane? Where the hell am I going?"
    To hell with georgia.

    I'm a Biomed major at the moment, although all of the classes I have at the moment are really general. I plan on taking BME 1000 next semester when a slot opens up. I'm on East campus at Smith which is really convenient considering I can eat at the new dining hall with ease and get to Britain in just a few seconds with the back route.
    Hi. I don't think we've ever talked in the past, but I think it's safe to assume by your avatar you're at Georgia Tech at the moment. My first class begins in about 12 hours and I was wondering if you had some general advice for studying and living at Tech.
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