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  • Clamperl itself isn't dangerous in Ranger, but its sound sounds exactly like the warning you get when you're critically low on Styler energy (think HP). So a Clamperl turns up, especially when you have lots of health, and you think "shit it almost oneshotted me", before you actually check your health.

    If you play Ranger too much, you get the same reaction when a Clamperl turns up even in regular Pokémon, which really confuses anyone who might be watching.
    Silver Wind isn't the worst of it. Around half my Zero Island South runs were ended by the Ledian build with Double Team, Flash, Confuse Ray and Comet Punch; evasion-confusion is around 4 times as annoying in PMD as it is in regular Pokémon, and Comet Punch does stupidly high damage due to the way multi-hit attacks are calculated.
    he said that if someone is smart they should always use the standard sets(scarf t-tar, blablabla), he was mad because that same t-tar took out his gliscor, skarmory and rotom while hurting his own scarf t-tar.
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