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  • Hi, I think I still have a credit in your thread. Can I redeeme it?
    Hey yeah sure but I dont check here often Can you add me on skype its Psiiionic I will get your message there.
    Hi Hi, im the guy with the SV 2558 that you asked for help. Do you still need my help to hatch an egg for you? ^^
    I'll be online tomorrow night if you need anything ;D. and my FC is 3153-4545-9437 btw
    see ya o/
    Hey, do you still want to finish that old pending trade? Also can I have a copy of chansey on 4th gen since I never got one.
    I guess so. When it is done could you show it to me, and put my name on the credits.
    I guess... though I don't exactly see why there would be a need for a different guide.
    sorry for not replying to your questions until now, been very busy lately >_<

    And in answer, I have RNG'd bayleaf (impish penta flawless, shiny) but no quilava yet. Togepi will be possible for me to get multiple copies of with different spreads, but I need to find the time to do so before I'll be able to trade them, sorry :x

    I'd be happy to trade the bayleaf, but it might take a while before I have a time where I'm free to complete said trade :/
    Psii, do you have skype or msn? I'm kinda jelly you know shiny egg abuse in Emerald, haha. Could you tutor me via some kind of communicator? PM me your ID :)

    I decided to go deeper with III Gen and I bought second GBA for trades.
    hrm... I just realized that I gave you the wrong Regirock. You ended up asking for the Adamant one and I gave you the Brave one. ._.
    Hello again, Victini has requested I trade you his DW Piplup and another copy of hiw DW Chimchar. I'll let you know when I can trade.
    Can we trade on Thursday instead? Going to be busy for the rest of the night.
    Oh you don't want a nickname? I see... That's fine. I'll trade you the Brave one since I don't change nicknames of stuff that I already have.
    Thanks. I'll ask Luxpluff If he can trade you both piplup and chimchar, because it looks like I wont have wifi any time soon.
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