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  • I know, I just feel like your underselling the team, but if you're happy, thats what matters, it is Pokemon after all :)
    makes a better check to RP Groundon tho, as Groundon 2HKOs Latios with Stone Edge, Latias isn't. Just saying, attacks such as those(and Ferro's Gyro Ball, among others) make it worth using Latias. Again, isn't worth it if you're just going to be stubborn and keep Latios because its blue.
    Ok, so answer me this, you used your current spread of Latios > Latias(same stats I know, but Latias has better defense) just to fit the theme. If you're going to use that spread, just use Latias or change the spread back to your old one. You're losing defense for a reason as stubborn as Latias isn't blue.
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