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    Metagame np: USUM DOU Stage 5 - Heads Will Roll - Marshadow Remains Banned

    After reading everything above, and from what I’ve experienced myself, I still don’t understand why you guys want to keep Marshadow banned. Is the Pokémon powerful? Yes. It’s most definitely Tier 1 or 2. However, based off what MajorBowman said, I can’t consider Marshadow banworthy. Despite...
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    In This Thread We Predict Against Croven (DPL 5 Meme Thread)

    I’m glad you saved the best for last.
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    Tournament Doubles Premier League 5: Captain Signups

    Name: Pwndkthnx Timezone: GMT-5 (EST) 1. Unbound Underdogs 2. :| 3. 4. Landorus-Therian 5. Well, everybody has to start somewhere, right? While I haven’t participated in many tournaments, nor do I have a track record like the rest of everybody else, I am almost always on Pokémon Showdown, so...
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    Project Doubles Teambuilding Competition - Week 31 - Votin' - Cresselia

    P.S. Next time I post a placeholder, don’t delete it. I put it for a reason. Thanks. :)
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    SPL X DOU Discussion

    Edited, but the statement still stands. Forgive me for not remembering you won. :mehowth:
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    SPL X DOU Discussion

    Week 6 Highlights: Almost all of my predictions were correct, proving I’m actually a half Psychic-type Pokémon. Croven winning back-to-back matches, and holding his weight. SMB 6-0’ing EmbCPT, and officially becoming SMG. Week 7 Predictions: Fespy vs Emforbes Human vs Ezrael Biosci vs Croven...
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    SPL X DOU Discussion

    Week 5 Highlights: It was nice seeing Rain being featured in two matches. I’m actually surprised Human didn’t use his infamous Rain team, but, regardless, Ezrael and Croven did well in their matches. The weather wars between Ezrael/EmbCPT and Croven/SMB were exhilarating. The whole back and...
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    SPL X - Midseason Signups

    Player Name: Pwndkthnx Tiers Played: SM DOU Timezone: GMT-5 (EST)
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    SPL X DOU Discussion

    Human vs MiltankMilk So, while both are 1-1, and I feel like this match could be won by either player, I feel like MiltankMilk has the advantage here. With him having more DOU experience, and it being week 3, I’m sure he’s going to bring something he knows will win for sure. Human is still a...
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    Resource Doubles OU Team Bazaar: Sample Teams here! [CLOSED]

    For your information, I was trying to avoid that as it isn’t something I would do on purpose. It’s obviously a mistake. Instead of trying to call my choices “bad”, how about just letting me know what needs to be changed? Also, I condensed my post. If you guys have anymore problems with it, feel...
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    Resource USUM Doubles OU Viability Rankings (Updated 3/3 on post #212)

    Landorus-Therian > 2 While Landorus-Therian still sees tremendous use, it doesn’t have much of an offensive presence like it used to. Most Landorus-Therian currently being used are SPA attackers, and Earth Power just doesn’t do that much damage. Landorus-Therian is mainly used to pivot with...
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    SPL X DOU Discussion

    EmbCPT vs. Biosci To this day, I’m still not sure what EmbCPT means (except for maybe embassy), but regardless of what his name means, dude is extremely impressive. If I’m not mistaken, Biosci has more experience and has been around longer, but EmbCPT has proven more than once that he’s capable...