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  • Hey Quantum, I'm going to bed as we speak, but maybe tomorrow or the next day, I'd love to test it.
    Yeah, I just realised that I ev'd my Empoleon wrong do I had to sub down to 1% rather than 25% to get the petaya boost, I could have survived the Bullet Puch! >.> Anyway I've finished the spriting and I'm starting the comments now.
    Hey there; I finished the comments. One of them, though true, was retarded, I realized on the re-read that I basically decided to earthquake your scizor, because I thought a pokemon was alive, which was not alive -_-. Other than that, I think it's good; let me know how it goes, and hope to have some matches in the future.

    SkullCandi switched in Celebi (lvl 100 Celebi).
    Breloom used Substitute.
    Breloom lost 25% of its health.
    Breloom made a substitute!
    Breloom's Poison Heal restored health!
    Breloom restored 12% of its health.
    Celebi used Perish Song.
    Both Pokemon will faint in 3 turn(s)
    Breloom used Spore.
    Celebi fell asleep!
    Breloom's Poison Heal restored health!
    Breloom restored 12% of its health.
    Celebi's perish count fell to 3!
    Breloom's perish count fell to 3!
    Rules: Ladder Match, Sleep Clause, Freeze Clause, OHKO Clause, Evasion Clause, Species Clause, Strict Damage Clause, Soul Dew Clause
    SkullCandi sent out Swampert (lvl 100 Swampert ?).
    Quantumpencil sent out Metagross (lvl 100 Metagross).
    Quantumpencil switched in Breloom (lvl 100 Breloom ?).
    Swampert used Earthquake.
    It's not very effective...
    Breloom lost 28% of its health.
    Breloom was badly poisoned!
    Trying to come up with a title, this is what I've come up so far;
    The set-up factor! - OU Warstory, Quantumpencil vs SkullCandy
    The title is 'cos every time I tried to set up (Rotom, Empoleon) you would wall me and I also stopped salamence from setting up
    Let me know!
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