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  • Thanks, actually lol. But, I'm sorry to say this, Pancakes won't be given away like her twin Waffles, though I do hope to host another giveaway within a month, I'm thinking a rather nice pokémon in a not-as-used version, like a special shiny liepard. Well, see ya around
    Yeah, sorry, I was having problems with my connection, it kept telling giving me error 51200, but I reset it and now it's good
    No problem, glad to help out.

    Message Dave so he can remove you from the waiting list, thanks.
    Yeh mate tonight I should be able to trade. I do have a distributer helping me now so maybe check if he is online!
    Do you file trade? If so I can send the file as soon as I get home!
    you dont have to be sad for eppie he deserves this he stole 7 of my pokemon and got away with it so this is just what he deserves
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