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  • just checked guess close combat would do more to skarmory as well, my bad, i am still new to battling, and battling guys like you makes me better, good job crushing me...Again
    Im not gonna lie, i was cussing my head off, "your apponet has avoided the attack", man that happened like 8 times, your tyranitar avoided 2 and if i made contact sub punh wouldnt have worked, than your skarmory freaking avoivded a fireblast from garchomp, man it happened so many times, I was really frustrated, I went with stone edge hoping you would switch into skarmory, and your tyranitar was pretty much dead so I thought it would finish it off, because my Terakion is banded. You played a great game because of 5-0, I feel it possibly could have gon different before the dc cuz i had taken out skarmory and your hippowdon i think, but gg

    sometime in the future we should try 1 more time, but damn are you freaking evasive
    GG ya I saw that sub coming so i stayed in and i thought i was going to loose because of those crits
    Sorry I got spammed with alot of emails If you can battle now that would be great BTW. Have alot of new members have tried to trade you?
    I'm not saying your bad. Your Hydreigon kept me on tilt the whole game, I really had no counter for it. Maybe Heatran, but that got CH too by your Volcana, :/. If it didn't get CH I would have switched to my Jellicent, and either forced the switch of KO with Scald.
    yeah, it's cool. I'm a pretty good battler, so I don't mind. I know a lot of hax went your way. Like if Blaziken doesn't critical hit my Hippo, it's a completely different game. My Hippo did nothing in that game bc of that CH, oh well that's hax for ya.
    GG, a lot of hax went your way, and having Speed Boost Blaziken was a bonus. I normally have Garchomp with Choice Scarf, that would have helped my cause too.
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