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  • hello, we need to play for nu story r2. im gmt -4, and given that you are gmt +1, i think we should play sometime in your evening, as i assume both of us will be available then, so just pick a day to play on. you can also find me on irc on #neverused and other chans and on http://pokecommunity.psim.us as cbt.
    can I find you on IRC/PS/PO? Within the next days? I am usually on the Pokemonexorzisten server on PO and #wcop
    when can you play for the highlander tournament?
    I'm gmt+1 and free most of the time at the moment
    We have to play until Thursday. I'll be busy on Wed's afternoon, but the other days are okay for me '-'
    When do you wanna play for Clear Skies? I'm GMT-3 and usually free during the afternoon and evening
    Hey rairyan, not going to be back until about 1pm my time somethingds just come up. Just a pre-warning
    i think we can play in your night, or maybe on the end of the week. Saturday or Sunday will be great.
    Same as last time but we're now paired for the Uber Open !
    When would you like to play ? I'm GmT +2 and you can find me on IRC on a daily basis.
    Well, I'll be on from about 11am(ish) - 10.30pm GMT dependant on what time I get back from the dentist.
    Hy rairyan, in a last ditch attempt to get our match done - I request that you meet me on IRC (#pokemon , #Smogonwifi , #Neverused , #Rarelyused, #genvuu) on THURSDAY. (Check in Wednesday, I might be able to play then) if for whatever reason this is unfeasible for you drop me a message and let me know! I'll attempt to make a time which suits you a little better, but it's the only time I will be able to play at peak performance
    Hey Rairyan - I should be completely free on Tuesday - ergo its the best time for me to battle. I'll make a massive attempt to be available on IRC (Chans - #Pokemon , #SmogonWifi and #CAP are the ones I usually frequent.)
    In fact, i'd rather play on Pokemon Online for some reason. PO v1, Groudon's Grotto, would it be fine ?
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