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  • the main thing this guy brings to the table is a means of stalling plus the ever annoying paraflinch fusion is a monster you should try it out on shoddy also and give me some feed back
    and to answer your question the main team i run it on is a dual screen team as the already added bulk from dual screens makes it easy to get up at least 2 cosmic powers
    scarftar, infernape, heatran, flygon, mence(after body slam para), dragonite, pert to a degree, mamoswine hates this:), and many many many more
    this set is meant for stalling and actually one threat it stops that only the Calm mind stops is heatran so plus lucario doesn't give this guy problems either because after it close combats it wont to half unless it has 1+ attack up on you which will be hard to do considering you are raising your stats also trust me it works bearsfan had a hard time with it when we played on shoddy infact he hardly beat me the only reason rachi died was a crit he scored on it
    yeah i've tested it works good actually
    but you are correct rotom is a problem so how about

    cosmic power, drain punch, body slam, zen headbutt
    It's like the physical Counter part of the cm version I've been using it on shoddy and it works great for me
    Well while I have you here I do have a new idea tell me what you think of this set


    body slam, iron head, drain punch, cosmic power
    Lol well you see the diffrence in my post is if the entire statement was posted mine would make sense his would still look horrible as his still groups all fast pokemon with priority mine specifies that I'm talking about raikou but either way your right it's stupid to fight over nothing so I took it down
    Now my signature is changed and trust me If am nothing there is one thing no one can deny and that is I am a man of my words I never told blaze to add that to his signature he is very childish I am ashamed to call him one of my more successful battling class students
    See you are right that is the entire post however understand as I said if he was only talking about e-speed that would be fine however he made a general statement saying it's not a good idea to run priority on fast pokemon so do you get it now?
    However you are right there is no need to fight over something so stupid however he needs to calm down I quoted him it's not bad. I have like 4 people quoting me for jokes or a mistake I made and you don't see me crying
    Ok now let me ask was it I who attacked him first or he who attacked me read the post and see. And I didn't misquote him is what you aren't understanding those are his words he looks dumb because he said it for all pokemon I wouldn't of posted if he said this move isn't a good idea for this pokemon but he said priority isn't good for fast pokemon in general so quit acting as if I twisted his words because I didn't
    And I didn't misquote him trust me. But as I said I would be more than happy to take it down if he ask in a respectful manner idc about it at all to the point I won't get rid of it his disrespectful way of asking is what made me lash back at him
    I owe blaze no apology at all he copied the sig himself I never said hey check this out or hey copy this in your sig he did it himself as I said you are jumping to conclusions again
    Forgive my attitude but you reall should mind your own business until you know both side of the story don't fucking jump on someone's side just because and not only that you didn't even read what he said to me first before you started bitching at me. I'm the coolest and easiest guy to get along with on smogon untill people start being little whiny punks or just plain rude in general
    Now I read your post and trust me the way he came at me was all wrong if he would of asked nicely I would of been more than happy to take it down but seeing how he demanded me to I refuse and you trying to defend him by being smart assed doesn't help either. Lol bro I've been quoted here before idc it doesn't kill anyone by being quoted
    Lol you are dick riding shizzle now how cute his boyfriend comes to defend his honor. Lol

    Well as for you I have nothing to say to you. You fuck degenerative waste of atoms talk to me when ever you become important
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