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  • Maybe. My scale:

    Rotom-W > S > H > C > F.

    Rotom-H is usable, but very situational, like Rotom-C. Rotom-F has loads of weakness and no Ice Beam.
    So Abomasnow is good.

    And Rotom-S, well, he's actually better than Rotom-H and Rotom-C. People are discouraged of using him because of Zapdos and Voltolos. But he gets an important thing in this metagame: a STAB Flying move that can be used. No one uses Drill Peck in Zapdos nor Aerial Ace in Voltolos. And with a metagame infested with Roob... Rotom-S also has Will-O-Wisp to cripple physical pokémon like Excadrill (good name for Dory IMO) and Randorosu, Trick to destroy Chansey and mess up with Blissey, and Confuse Ray, to put him apart Togekiss and Jirachi (Swagger sucks). If you're not convinced yet, pass by my Rotom-S analysis in C&C :)

    And SDS is opening up a discussion: Mommen vs. Erufuun.
    Yeah, too bad. I wrote his 5th Gen Analysis, and he is, like Victreebel and a hell out of sun sweepers, they're useless without sun.

    What about Abomasnow?

    And my favorite Rotom is... Rotom-S. I'm currently writing his analysis, and he can do one thing that Zap and Voltolos can't. Guess what.
    Why no one likes Shiftry ? People should knoe that under the sun, he's better than Venusaur and Tangrowth.

    Add to the list


    Yeah, Grass has too much weakness, but is worth to try.
    Of my Electrics, Voltolos, Electivire and Raikou all have an Ice move.

    Mono teams are, ironically, good to be played in this generation. I've been thinking of a Mono-Ground...
    Yeah. So Shib is as of yet: Acid Bomb / Volt Change or Thunderbolt / Flamethrower (coverage with Acid Bomb) / I'm uncertain about this one... Maybe HP Ice, or even Dragon Claw...
    Could only answer today.


    I discovered that it will be worldwide Wi-Fi distribution. If you don't live in US you may get, like me in Brazil.

    And I'm thinking about Shibirudon's set. Maybe an Acid Bomber...
    Sorry, yeah I just left to pack for uni and visit my nan before I left. Feel free to message me another time, just bear in mind I don't think I have any non-weather teams...
    Mmmm, yeah he probably is the best choice :\. I'm gonna have problems revenging a lot of stuff without his IF Mach Punch though, sadly. I think with enough neutral coverage I'll manage, or if I just use CB Darumitan in Sun to plow through my counters lol.

    Yeah, same, but I'm almost argued out over it due to posting literally about 60 times in the suspect thread...
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