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  • Hey so we only have a few days left, what's up? I am available most all of Tues, Wednes, and Thurs this week. Then the deadline hits!
    Hey, thanks for the offer, but a win is a win, and at the end of the day, it's just Pokemon, so I don't really care haha.

    Good luck in the rest! :D
    Hey! The deadline is coming up soon, and I would like to schedule an official time to play. When are you free the next few days?
    We are aware of that picture, don't you like it :o
    I'll add those teams to the index if I have some time (lots of gen 5 ones atm), thanks for informing me ;)
    No problem. It has started to get borderline boring seeing pretty much the same layout of sun team all the time. The same can be said for rain teams too, actually. Aw, and thank you! It's so nice to hear that people think that about the teams that I post. And don't worry, I have at least two more RMTs planned that I'll be posting in the future.
    This post. It's a great core, creative and definitely effective in this metagame. Good luck if you're planning to make a sun stall team, and thanks for the kind words.
    I swear you are such an asshole, I don't think you understand the level of (BAN ME PLEASE)ry coming out of your ass right now. I think it's best if you just shut up and get your head out of your ass.
    Rofl, "The garbage that come out of my mouth" you said it yourself, that you're a pixel name Razza then what am I, idiot. I swear, you are actually such garbage, I don't even know why you tried out for WCOP, you're so bad.
    Rofl, if you're going to say bye, say it once and then leave. Also, lol, I highly highly doubt you have the best results in the country, as you are just too dumb. The reason i'm deleting your comments is for you, so people don't laugh at your stupidity, you should be thankful, spolied brat.
    *Name: GearFlow
    Status: virgin
    Opinion: irrelevant

    *Please go.

    If you're going to say that, at least spell it right, dumbass. Also, you're probably a virgin, so I don't know why you are calling me one :S
    Hahahaha, that's the dumbest shit I have ever heard lmao.
    Also, nice job on your Sun team with no Steel types.
    Rofl, this is a Pokemon site yeah, and you're on it too you idiot. I'm pretty sure you don't have any real life friends, because, you seem like an arrogant prick. Also, you said when people post unnecessary things you call them out, WHAT THE FUCK HAS THAT EVEN GOT TO DO WITH YOU, YOU BLOODY CUNT, I can understand if they were calling you out like I am doing now, but almost everyone I have met on Smogon, has said that you are a (BAN ME PLEASE). So that must mean something about your personality in real life.
    Razza. Why do you have to fight everyone? It's like you are on these forums just to argue with people, it's fucking sad really. Get a life.
    You're gonna respond with some fit no matter what I write here.
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