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  • I've got 22 more Pokemon to sprite left. I should be done in a few days (unless you want the unfinished version now.)
    Nope, nothing at all. I've tried resetting the router a bunch of times, Google searches, a plethora of anti-virus still redirects. If you want to play it, you'll have to do it at a different location (which sucks, since home is really the only place I can comfortably Pokeman it up) or retreat to PO. I've chosen the latter. :/

    Well... I THINK I found where the Ridge is so I think I have it all finished. I just need to know where you can surf to get Pururiru and Mamanbou as soon as you get the HM. (I'll be working on scratch sprites for the Pokemon so as soon as that's all done, I'll make sure to post it on the forum)
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