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  • : I was browsing the shiny hatcher application, and i have an egg with shiny value of 2104. Can you please hatch it for me? My name is lynn, and my friend code is 1762-2861-6128
    Hi, will u be able to add me as friend and hatch this egg for me? Willing to give a 5iv for doing so. I have added u, hope u see this soon. my fc is 2680 9709 4920 ign jem. pls reply with your ign if u r willing to [sv 2104]
    Hi, bro. I have one egg with your SV, can you hatch it for me?, please. :)

    My FC is 3153 3396 3077, IGN Arturo.
    Please, bro, tell me when you'll be available. :(
    i have one egg with your shiny value my id is 3823-9750-3180
    Alright, I'd be happy to hatch it for you! I should be on later this evening, though there are a few others who need me to hatch something, so don't worry if I can't trade right away.
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