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  • Those are some very curious results indeed. I think that having memory link activated only affects the PIDRNG by decreasing the initial frame and doesn't affect the IVRNG, and so it appears that the differences you experienced with the Therians may be related to what actually causes their additional advances in the first place...
    Thanks for the feedback. Your results are quite interesting; like others have reported, your frames are off slightly to what I had found. This could be due to using memory link, but there may be other factors also affecting this. Regardless, at least you were able to find a method that works for your setup which is good.
    Good match, and I wanted your Blissey to stay in for a funny defeat by Forretress XD. I was going to pain split your hp low, and then Explode.
    dont really know who the person was except that he used a tornadous/mienshao lead.
    whatever tho im going to attempt the lcq at nats but gotta request off of work that day. congrats tho on getting a spot
    "Dont really see anything i want but you can just have them for a credit in your thread. gotta see if my router is acting ok so i will pm you when im online so i can trade them to you"

    I only need the Latias and Lugia, one Credit for the two? Thanks :)
    Hey, I won tThe Agonist's Misdevious Giveaway but was not able to contect you as I didn't have wifi. When do you think you'd be free to trade it? :toast:
    Hey, I can trade you your feebas soon if you'd like. Was it the shiny or the non-shiny version you wanted?
    Hey i need the mismagius from agonist's thread. You were the distributor I was under so yeah xD
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