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  • Hi Redtype, would you happen to have this Weavile as a Sneasel, cos I really needed Ice Shard... xD lol totally forgot about that
    Yeah, you don't need to clone back for me :D
    I'm just getting your pokes cloned as we speak. So should be able to trade in about 15 min? Would you still be on then?
    Great, thank you :D
    Here is the thing, i am gettng your pokes cloned in half an hour. If you don't mind cloning back I can trade in 15 min. But it would save you some trouble if we trade in like an hour or so. What do you think?
    Great I look forward to it :D btw I've added the Timid Heatran to the thread if want to see the details :D
    If you can trade .pkm files, yes. If not, I'll have to wait until I get home (Which may be about an hour's wait)
    Hi Redtype :D Thanks for the move :3
    I didn't know the Metagross was nicknamed, so I'll pass on that, but I'll still do the original deal :D Just without the Metagross
    I have my Soul Silver FC now, and a new DS. Let me know if you still want MattJ's Worlds Weavile.
    I can trade the Gengar in 4th gen. I'd like the Jirachi in 4th gen as well. When would you like to trade? I can trade now if you're able to.
    Hey. I was waltzing through trade threads when I came across your wants list: a good Heal Bell Dragonite and Naive Heatran. I have both, and I was wondering if you would be interested. Vm me back for additional information.
    While I do not have a trade thread, I am a respected member of Smogon, and many people can vouch for me.
    Yeah sure, that would be great :D But what do you mean by "DW Pika"? Pikachu? I don't think I have one...
    In addition to heatran, I'll also take naughty zekrom and timid reshiram in response to your cmt. I'll chek back later to see if you are available to trade. I can trade the gallade and swablu in 4th gen as well. See ya
    Hi Redtype, I only just found your wants list :P
    I have Timid/Modest HP Ice Heatran and Quiet 31/31/31/31/31/2 HP Ice Heatran if your interested and I can give you an event DW Pickachu holding lightball for free if you want :D
    wow Poland :D Pkmn brings the world together :) I met a friend from Finland playing pkmn too :p
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