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  • Hey man. Dunno if you check here often, but thought I'd reply to your VM. If you didnt know, I got 3rd in Paris. Chris and Tim both got unlucky, and Lee didn't travel with us in the end. Was a good day out though, should come with if we go again next year. :)
    Basically Rees, turn up around 9-10am and hope for the best, because signups ended in august (yeah.. >_>) players who signed up will gain priority over everybody else. We have signed up 32 verifications so meaning 32 spots have been unclaimed but I think they still get priority on the day.. :S
    I'll query gamerbase about this as they seem to be handling the process, I'll let them know of a player who wants to participate who has shown clear interest.
    Hey Rees, sorry for the late reply but registration is closed for now but we're going to try and get more players the chance, basically a verification process has been sent out to all those who signed up interest, in 5 days we will find out who is actually still going and who isn't, from there we will then have spaces to fill, I can inform the hosts of you if you like so you can be put in?
    Yeah man i'm good, enjoying the rest of my summer before A2 starts :(
    Yeah I know, I only found out I couldn't go literally a few days before cos my flight go overbooked and by then tickets were £1400+ D: I'm defo going to that London Gamerbase event, it's like 20 mins from me so defo :D look forward to seeing you/lee/dale there, will be amazing :)
    It's Min from Birmingham VGC :D What's up?
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