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  • hey do you have any more bullet punch riolu's left
    omg whats wrong with you LOL
    how do you find these people wtf!!!!!
    I know it's been awhile since you posted, but I'm wondering if you'd trade one of the Crunch/Bullet Punch Riolus?

    I see you crossed off your post, so I'll try to make it worth your while to breed one more. Just let me know what you're in need of. items/Pokes, whatever.

    0345 - 0391 - 3217
    I have also added you and sent you a PM. my FC is 1478-39-86-1760.
    Many thanks :)
    I went ahead and added you, if i could get one it'd be great :). THanks ahead of time if i do manage to get in line in time!
    My Fc is 5086-2003-3227
    If you still have some spare riolus i would like to have one aswell :).
    my fc is : 4914 3957 4437
    Hey, added you. Please add me back 4012 4513 6652

    I also have many flawless Dittos to trade.
    For those adding me for Riolu, my friends list is rather full at the moment. I will add more people as spaces open up.
    My FC is 1075-1739-5372. I already added you, but if you don't have any more riolu, I completely understand. I just have been having some problems getting one myself.
    Not sure if I sent a PM or not but could I get one of those riolu? I have a ton of 3 IV mons I could trade if you are interested. Access to a ditto friend safari also. Or if you still need charizardite X. 0834 0952 6360
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