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  • Hey we are paired for the vgc Tour
    My timezone is GMT +1 and I work from 8am till 6 pm. Id prefer monday/tuesday. What about you?:)
    Hi, I noticed from the Shiny Value Hatcher Form that you have the SV of 0964. I have an egg that matched your SV, and I was wondering if you could hatch it for me. I've already walked most of the egg off so it shouldn't take that long to hatch. If you can't hatch it then it's totally understandable, but I'd appreciate it if you can. Thanks in advance.
    I can do that, trade me when i'm on
    hey! i came across your safari and was wondering if you could possibly add me, i would really really appreciate it :D
    Sure, I added you.
    Thanks! Additionally, if you don't know yet you have a great Safari with Phantump, Lampent and Dusclops. It's a shame that Chandelure's Shadow Tag was removed, but still useful Mons!
    Not today man, sorry! But, Wednesday would be fine from 3:00-4:00 PM (GMT -5)!
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